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It is no longer a secret. The cat is out of the bag. But which cat? In the 21st century, every entrepreneur with an objective of high profitability and customer attraction is going online. The cat of selling is no longer on the physical arena bag. You now can chase it online to realize your goals. As an entrepreneur, your virtualization journey begins with having a well-designed website. For business purpose, you need to select a reliable e-commerce website builder with essential features. This aspect will enable you to take over your niche kingship without many hurdles. However, you are not alone on this race. Developers are racing after you and dedicating their website builders as the best options. Here are the four features you must give a close eye to ensure you get the right e-commerce website builder:

Mobile friendliness and responsiveness

In this decade, mobile devices are no longer fantasy tools. They are part of essential business and shopping tools. Your customers will buy products from your site using their mobile devices. Also, you must have an opportunity to manage e-commerce website through your tablet or smartphone. For this goal to become a reality, you must use an e-commerce website builder with mobile friendly and high responsiveness as the basic features. Hence, if you want to enhance your online sales, you must check the mobile-friendly as the first aspect of your website builder.


Your business is a system. It has several subsystems that work together to enhance the realization of your goals. When you move your venture online, this aspect does not change. Your e-commerce website must have room for integrating with other systems and online apps. For instance, your website needs to connect with social media, online marketplaces, and payment gateways. Without this capability, it will be hard for you to boost your online sales. However, your dream to integrate with these functionalities must be availed in your e-commerce website builders. Hence, a reliable website builder must prioritize integrations and have it as one of the basic features.

Security features

Internet coverage and technology advancement are enhancing and simplifying way of doing business. Today, you can reach out a significant number of customers which is hectic with a brick and mortar store. This news is excellent for webpreneurs. However, criminals are not left outs in the technology. They are working hard to customize their tactics to the modern technology. Cybercrimes are no longer history. Each dawn, you will come across news of online fraud or hacking activity on top-ranking sites. With PayPal reporting a hacking attempt, you cannot claim to be safe from these acts. Your e-commerce website builder has a central role in enhancing your site security. You need to ensure it has the right security functionalities to protect your e-commerce website from potential attacks.

Ensure it is scalable

Scalability is not another verb or noun. In the virtual arena, it carries substantial weight. Your online store must be scalable. This aspect means that it is capable of responding to changes in your traffic levels. Also, you do not want to miss or lose sales during high seasons due to web crashes. This dream is only realizable when your e-commerce website builder offers scalability as one of the features. You cannot build your web page on a rigid platform with limited bandwidth and expect to make wooing sales without regular crashes. Hence, consider scalability when choosing a website builder for your online store. In a word, scalability, integration, mobile friendliness, and security are essential features you should consider when choosing an e-commerce website builder.